BRM designs your shoes! How? Follow the instructions below:
To start:

1) CHOOSE THE MODEL YOU PREFER among the 3 in the online store (Vans Old Skool, Vans Authentic, Vans Slipon). Don't forget to choose your size!

2) CHOOSE A THEME / ONE OR MORE ITEMS that you would like to see reproduced on the shoes by specifying it in the dedicated section, you can also attach some images and specify if there are colors that you prefer or that you would not like to see used.

You can request a subject on the right shoe and a different one on the left shoe, or an image distributed on both.

IMPORTANT: Bì Arr Èm! it is a project with a personal drawing style, therefore we will not simply limit ourselves to reproducing a subject, but we will put a lot of our touch into its realization, thanks to the experiences and skills acquired over the years. Therefore, do not expect realistic portraits or faithful reproductions of logos, but only illustrations related to our style.